Working on the the Yellow Camaro Windows

I am installing the window guides now and had to get some nuts and bolts. This is like a thousand piece puzzle. I guess when I took it apart I should have snapped some pics. Oh, well, I’ll figure it out.

I am missing a rear window stop for the right side. I have to remember to bring the glass tomorrow so I can get it installed as well as the automatic window mechanisms.

Found the window stop so that is a relief.  But I never got around to bringing the glass and mechanisms over to Noel’s shop yet.  Maybe this weekend.  I got distracted working on the electrical tail-lights on the black Camaro.

Noel and I got hte throttle cable installed right so that is done now.

I ordered a bunch of parts for the yellow Camaro nad will start installing those next week.

Today I finished the rear deck cover.  I made it out of wall board and got some tan colored fabric to match the seats from JoAnn fabrics.  I used part of a rear deck from a late model car of some kind.  It gives it a nice look.  I can;t wait to see how it looks in the car.

Noel’s shop is not open today or tomorrow for the new year but I will head over there on Thursday.

Working on the Black Camaro again – Tail light day

Well, here I am at Noel’s shop again working on my Camaros.  Today is electrical connector day on the black Camaro.  I am doing the tail lights.  I am on the Christmas holiday and I want to get a lot done on these cars during this time.  Now I am trying to figure out how to put these connectors together.  So far I have been here 2 hours and only got one done.  It is a puzzle but it looks good now that it is done.  Now for the other side.  Hopefully it won’t take as long.

Crap, the white wire is ground, not the black one.  Why did they do that?  I wired the ground for to the tailights postive.  Have to redo it.  Got that done.  Testing to make sure it works.  Works fine.  The right side is done, now to do the left side but that will wait for next week.

On Monday I should be done with the tail lights.  Tomorrow is Sunday so I am going to do some work at home on the rear deck.

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